Double Diamond Advertising Figure (‘Running Man’) by Beswick

Double Diamond Advertising Figure (‘Running Man’) by Beswick

Code: 10151


W: 22cm (8.7")H: 21cm (8.3")



A lovely Beswick advertising figure for Double Diamond beer with the phrase ‘A Double Diamond works wonders.’ This figure is known as the running man in his resplendent city outfit of stripey trousers, tailcoat, bowler hat, waistcoat and dicky-bow with a bottle of Double Diamond in one hand and a briefcase in the other. The figure is actually a water container with his hat acting as a stopper and water poured through the bottle.  

The figure was designed by Albert Hallam and James Haywood and issued in 1958. The base of the figure has impressed Beswick England and model number 1517. There is also the printed Beswick backstamp ‘Beswick Ware – Made in England.’ 

Condition Report

Excellent – There is some fine crazing consistent with age, although this is only visible under very close inspection. Please note that to find this figure with his bowler hat and cork is quite rare as they are both easily lost.