Superb iridescent, Art Pottery Jug by the Watcombe Pottery (c1870)

Superb iridescent, Art Pottery Jug by the Watcombe Pottery (c1870)

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W: 15cm (5.9")H: 25cm (9.8")

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A Watcombe Pottery jug with stunning iridescent green glaze in the form of a conical base tapering up to a bulbous top with sloping rim and spout. This contrasts with the brown coloured handle and jug interior. The flow of light across this item creates a beautiful, ever changing pattern of colour and reflections that you just don’t see on modern pieces.

With the inscribed mark ‘WATCOMBE’ and a pattern number of 998, the jug can be dated to the 1870’s. 

The Watcombe Terracotta Clay Company established a pottery at St Mary’s Church in 1869 to make ‘art manufactures’. An experienced art director, Charles Brock, was appointed manager and skilled workers were recruited from Staffordshire. By 1877 there were over 100 employees. Much of the output was for outdoor use but jugs, spill vases, candlesticks, tobacco jars, teapots, cream jugs and small busts may be found but they are not common. In 1901 the Watcombe Pottery amalgamated with the Aller Vale Pottery to become the Royal Aller Dale and Watcombe Pottery which continued to operate at St Mary’s Church until 1962.

Condition Report

Excellent – no chips, cracks or restoration. Usual age-related fine crazing, visible only under very close inspection and bright light conditions.