Stunning Ault vase designed by Christopher Dresser (c1880)

Stunning Ault vase designed by Christopher Dresser (c1880)

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W: 9cm (3.5")H: 14cm (5.5")

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A superb art pottery bottle vase by Christopher Dresser for Ault, dating from around 1880 and fashioned as a footed globe with trumpet-shaped shaft. The beautiful streak glaze shows off the wonderful inter-mingling shades of dark/light green, purples and browns, to their very best. The piece is unmarked but unmistakably attributed to Ault/Dresser by Hanson’s of Derbyshire. Measures 14cm high by 9cm wide.

Condition Report

Very good – no chips, cracks or restoration. The piece has some very fine crazing consistent with age which is difficult to see except under bright light and low magnification. There is a small (0.7cm) firing flaw (see pictures).