Royal Lancastrian Lapis Ware Bowl by Gladys M Rogers and E T Radford

Royal Lancastrian Lapis Ware Bowl by Gladys M Rogers and E T Radford

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Superb Royal Lancastrian Lapis Ware Bowl (shape 179) decorated by the best known female decorator, Gladys M Rogers, in tones of blue and green. Lapis Ware was created by painting on the underglaze colours in broad brush strokes which then reacted with the clay body and glaze to give a soft, blurred and textured effect which were partly determined by the flow and drag of the glaze, which itself depended on the shape of the pot.

This highly tactile bowl was created by one of the finest throwers of his time, E T Radford and has a lovely organic yet modern shape. The bowl is clearly marked with the shield monogram of Gladys Rogers and E. T. Radford’s initials ‘E.T.R’ as well as the ‘Royal Lancastrian Made in England’ impressed mark which dates the piece to between 1930-1935. 

Gladys Rogers (pictured) was the best known of the lady artists employed at the factory having joined the artists’ department around 1907 and attended the Levenshulme School of Art. She initially painted lustre ware pieces but she focused exclusively on Lapis Ware from 1928 until her retirement and closure of the pottery in 1938.

E T Radford (pictured) joined Royal Lancastrian in 1903 (having first apprenticed to Wedgwood and subsequently working for Linthorpe, Burmantoft’s and Doulton’s) where he stayed until his retirement in 1936. 

Condition Report

Excellent – no chips, cracks, crazing, restoration or other defects.