Lovely Royal Lancastrian Lapis Ware Vase by W.S. Mycock (1935)

Lovely Royal Lancastrian Lapis Ware Vase by W.S. Mycock (1935)

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A beautifully shaped Royal Lancastrian Lapis Ware vase painted in a stylised flower and leaf pattern with subtle tones of blue and green against a light grey background. The piece for painted by W.S. Mycock as the factory started focusing production away from lustre ware (for which Mycock was one of the pre-eminent artists) to other decorative wares. The piece is fully marked with Mycock’s signature monogram together with the ‘ROYAL LANCASTRIAN MADE IN ENGLAND’ mark, shape number 2149 and the stylised date mark for 1935.

Lapis Ware was created by painting on the underglaze colours in broad brush strokes which then reacted with the clay body and glaze to give a soft, blurred and textured effect which were partly determined by the flow and drag of the glaze, which itself depended on the shape of the pot.

Walter Salter Mycock began his career with Royal Lancastrian as a tile artist in 1894, transferring to the pottery department in 1904 to paint lustre wares where he remained until his retirement in 1938. During his years as a pottery artist he decorated many hundreds of pots and was a highly competent artist, winning a gold medal for his work at the Paris exhibition of 1925.

Condition Report

Very good vintage condition – no chips, cracks or restoration. Typical age-related crazing.