Leaping Fish Vase by William Baron of Barnstaple (c1900)

Leaping Fish Vase by William Baron of Barnstaple (c1900)

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W: 12.5cm (4.9")H: 21cm (8.3")

£140.00 Approx $192.57, €163.93


A superb Baron Ware vase of classic proportions with 3 small handles attaching the neck to the main body, and relief decoration depicting stylised fish (a large leaping fish on the front panel (possibly a salmon) with 2 smaller fish on the rear panel) and underwater scenes of foliage and rocks. The main colour palette is salmon pink with shades of blue, green, purple and turquoise and a dark band on the back of the main fish. This is an early piece in the factory’s history dating from between 1899 and 1904 and has the factory mark ‘Baron Barnstaple’ and pattern number 353. 

William Leonard Baron established his pottery at Rolle Quay, Barnstaple in 1899. He made motto wares, vases, plaques and figures using a similar style to that employed when he worked at Brannam’s. In 1902, he had showrooms at 59 Boutport Street and in 1910, at ‘The Square’, Barnstaple. By this time William’s son Frederick had left Brannam’s where he had also worked, to take over the Rolle Quay works from his father. The pottery continued until Frederick died in a tragic drowning accident in 1939 when it was acquired by Brannam’s.

Condition Report

Very good condition –  two chips at the junction of the base and main body have been previously repaired. Possibly resulting from the firing process, they are difficult to spot under normal viewing conditions although the chip margins can just be seen under close inspection and bright light.