Arts and Crafts copper dish with embossed fish design (c1905)

Arts and Crafts copper dish with embossed fish design (c1905)

Code: 10221


W: 28cm (11")D: 3cm (1.2")



An unusual Arts and Crafts copper dish embossed with a fish and stylised marine background on the base with hammered finish on the deep surround. 

I am unsure of the original purpose of the dish – it could possibly have been a mold of some sort or simply a decorative object in its own right. I do not believe it was used as a cooking vessel as the embossing is so pronounced that it comes through on the bottom and creates an uneven base. There is a small brass, attachment riveted to the side of the dish that has been cut (see photo) which may give some clue to its identity. Whatever its original purpose, the dish will still look great either on a surface or wall-mounted plate holder or hung via a copper wire threaded through the small hole between rivets. Measures 28cm wide by 3cm deep.

Condition Report

Lovely vintage condition – no dents or signs of Verdigris.