Wedgwood Comport by Edward Kauffer for passenger ship RMS Orion

Wedgwood Comport by Edward Kauffer for passenger ship RMS Orion

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W: 23.5cm (9.3")

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A stylish Orient Line comport designed for the RMS Orion by Edward McNight Kauffer for Wedgwood around 1935. The piece is fashioned in the form of a pedestal, with celadon ground, dark green band and anchor emblem with the following printed and impressed marks (WEDGWOOD, ETRURIA ENGLAND, ORIENT LINE, 5 B 56). 

See: Fiell, P & C. 2000. Decorative Art 30s 40s, Taschen, p.475 for an illustration of this design, reproduced from the 1936 Studio Yearbook.

Edward McNight Kauffer (1890-1954) was an American artist and graphic designer who lived for much of his life in the United Kingdom. He worked mainly in poster art, but was also active as a painter, book illustrator and theatre designer.

The SS Orion was an ocean liner launched by the Orient Steam Navigation Company in 1934 and retired from the water in 1963 after carrying around 500,000 passengers. A 23,371 ton passenger ship, the Orion was built to carry 486 first class, 653 tourist class and 466 crew passengers from Europe through the Pacific to Australia. The construction of the ship was documented in Paul Rotha’s 1935 film ‘Shipyard’.

Condition Report

Excellent A1 condition – no chips, cracks, crazing or restoration.